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Our mission is to inspire a Holistic Native lifestyle anchored in honest awareness and transformative healing for the betterment of our self, family, community, and future generations.


Holistic Native is an authentic catalyst for positive social redirection. We help individuals and communities reconcile the struggles of the past with healthy life-choices for the future, while honoring the strength of our traditions and the resilience of our ancestors.

Purpose and Manifesto

As Native American women, we care deeply about our tribal communities. We care because we grew up on our reservation, where we witnessed and experienced both the inherent beauty of our culture and the debilitating challenges of colonization. Because our traditional lifeways changed so drastically, Native Americans are faced with lower life expectancy, high infant mortality, family structure breakdown, high diabetes rates, high suicide rates, substance abuse and mental health challenges, substandard education, poor nutrition, loss of traditional language and food systems, high unemployment, and high violence against women. Native Americans have spent centuries surviving, and a paradigm shift to thriving is part of our future.

We exist to help deconstruct the effects of colonization. We do this in four powerful ways: education, empowerment, enrichment, and inspiration, which are tools for personal transformation. Transformed people are a force for positive change that reclaims our collective strength and wholeness as tribal communities, but it starts with the individual first: the Holistic Native.

How to Get Involved