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Transformation Rooted In Tradition

Creating healing, wellness, and measurable impact, built on the foundations of traditional knowledge.

Our Mission >

Holistic Native is a Native-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are committed to servant leadership to American Indian people and our valued stakeholder network.

Our Wellness Approach

As Native people raised on our reservation, we understand the beauty, wisdom, and hope inherent in our Native cultures. We believe our cultures can be the foundation of transformative, holistic wellness that is rooted in traditional knowledge, which heals and overturns the damage of colonization.

Our Approach >

Our Projects

Native Wellness Campus

A collaborative new social and cultural center delivering services based on a Native traditional wellness model. Currently in planning phases.

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Healing Through Language

Building and supporting language revitalization programs throughout Indian Country, based on best practices and strategic capacity building. Our languages heal.

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Sponsoring programs that educate, advocate, and raise awareness about the role of Native peoples in the Spokane region, historically and in contemporary times.

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Nov. 26 – History of the Spokane Tribe of Indians

Join Warren Seyler, former Chairman of the Spokane Tribe, as a he presents the history of our region and its first peoples. Part of Spokane Public Library’s celebration of Native American Heritage Month.

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Nov. 30 – Native Languages Workshop

Join Native language learning expert Cree Whelshula for a full-day workshop on Salish grammar.

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How to Get Involved