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Community Partners

At Holistic Native, we understand the critical role of partnership and collaboration in helping us achieve our vision of transformation for Native individuals and communities through traditional knowledge. Our vision is wide and diverse, which means we welcome the involvement of many different partners along the way.

Our community partners are the entities and individuals that join us in collaborative visioning and cooperative work, which can include funding, donations, collaboration, and other methods of involvement.

These are the organizations that help us succeed at our work.

Sister Sky Products

Sister Sky is Monica and Marina’s company that has been creating, producing, and distributing natural body care products for two decades.

As part of its commitment to community impact through charitable giving, Sister Sky has donated a percentage of its profits each year to Native-led nonprofits that promote culture, education, health, and wellness, including organizations such as Native Youth Leadership Alliance, and Salish School of Spokane.

Sister Sky now gives 2% of its profits annually to Holistic Native, helping support Holistic Native’s work as an opportunity to continue helping Native communities thrive.

Empire Health

Empire Health Foundation works to advance health equity in eastern Washington, serving seven counties and three reservations (Colville, Spokane, and Kalispel). They aim to measurably improve the health of our region’s most vulnerable populations, and they prioritize serving Native populations and individuals in all their projects, recognizing the impact of colonization and historic and intergenerational trauma, and the resulting health disparities that Native communities live with today.

Empire Health is a partner and key funder in designing and creating the Native Wellness Campus, now in its planning phases.

How to Get Involved